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About Ramps Classic

“I was a senior in college studying Interactive Media Design. An instructor named Dan Chapman was teaching a course based on Keith Peters’ excellent Foundation ActionScript Animation book. I expanded one of the physics exercises into a full-fledged game and, finding it pretty fun to play, submitted it to sites like deviantART and Newgrounds, where it became a “Featured Game” played over 25,000 times in three days. Thanks to attention from sites like StumbleUpon, Download Squad and GameGarage, the game has been enjoyed almost a million times in the years since its debut, and remains the highest traffic page on my personal site.

“While I remain humbled by the success of the game, I always felt I could do better. In partnership with Tim Sears, I’m thrilled to have created a successor that outdoes the original, on a touch platform that feels so completely natural.” - Tyler Sticka, 2010

Way more maniacal physics action, now available on iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad!